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Gary Parent
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Gary Parent


Have you ever had a secret that you didn't want anyone to know about? Does your pulse quicken and your heart race as you stand paralyzed in fear or you explode and attack anyone or anything just at the thought someone might find out.

Well I know how you feel I was doing the same thing. I was hiding from my greatest fears to. Letting everyone run my life, not daring to step out of line for fear that someone might find out my secret. This sight is about my journey from being a Prisoner Of My Own Beliefs to Releasing all of my anger, hurt, frustration and Embarrassment. To becoming A Public Speaker, Author, and Life Coach and helping others overcome their fears as I did.

As I began to understand how I was thinking and why I was thinking that way, certain thought patterns began to reveal themselves. I could see why I was reacting to different things in my life the way I was and I began to feel the effects they were having on my body and my life.

But realizing is one thing, changing how you think, how you react to something that hurts you, causes you pain, frustration, and embaressment is another. Besides, I didn't have a clue about how to change what was happening to me.

Besides for most of my life, my pain was sreaming much louder then my ability to even think about changing it anyway. So I really didn't care about changing even though I new I would have to change to be happy. I seemed to be quite complacent stuck in my misery.

But as time passed and I gathered more information, learned to read and write, attend seminars, listened to tapes and cd's, always meeting new people with possitive messages, giant hearts, and unwavering wisdom about life, love and prosperity, I guess I must have grow tired of the internal batte that kept raging in my head.

Because my awakening, my realization of how I had become came to me one day very unexpectedly when I realized my drive, my passion to learn was more empowering to me then hiding my anger, hurt, fear, frustration,and embarrassment. Changing my life did not happen overnight there were many challenges to face, but buy the time I was aware of how I had changed years had passed and I am finally at peace with myself.

What have I learned from this is.

When people inflict pian on you they are reliving their own, when people try to steal your dreams, they are infact stealing their own.

Those who know and hold their pain and limitations within themselves the deepest, project it with an undaunting and relentless conviction. For they do not know and they can only feel the limitations of their own pian.

Gary Parent ( The Renegade Dream Builder )

That is why I wrote Prisoners Of Our Own Beleifs.

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